Have you tried Wembé Amazonion Soul Soaps yet?


Are you looking to incorporate more organic and nature-based cosmetic products into your routine? Have you heard of Wembé Amazonion Soul? Would you love to try out these exotic soaps at a discount? Well keep reading… Wembé is a NYC based eco-lux company dedicated to creating unique beauty products from the tropical rainforest of Paraguay. … Continue reading

Do you know what’s in your makeup?

{image source} With so much information coming at you from every direction, it’s sometimes hard to know what to believe. There’s always new information being discovered and that information is readily available via the internet. There is a big push to “go green” in your home, at work, and now with your beauty and skin … Continue reading

2011 Totalbeauty.com Awards

As a consumer, I know how important peer reviews are. When I’m on the fence about purchasing a new product, I often find myself looking to my favorite beauty forums, blogs and youtube channels to see what others are saying. While I know that every persons experience with a product will differ, I like to … Continue reading

Skincare: evanhealy Green Tea Clay Mask

Last week I stopped in Whole Foods Market to pick up a few items and of course me being me, I had to check out the the skincare section to see what was new and interesting. While browsing, these products by evanhealy caught my eye for some reason. I’ve never used any of the products … Continue reading

My Skincare Routine: Oil Cleansing Method

I recently switched up my skincare routine and I now use the Oil Cleansing Method (see here & here). I have very oily, acne prone skin so I use about 70% castor oil and 30% grapeseed oil. I also add in a few drops of tea tree oil for the times I have visible breakouts … Continue reading

GlamGyrl Beauty Find: Metamorphosis by Jolie MD

I’ve had what I consider to be “problem skin” ever since high school. Although when I think back about my teenage acne, it really wasn’t all that bad. At the time, I thought it was the worst thing ever though. Now I’m 30 and still having acne issues. I’m so obsessed with having clear skin. … Continue reading